Near Death Experience Integration.

For those of us who have had a Near Death Experience, it can be difficult and indeed painful to integrate the new information we have received into our lives. My own experience occurred in 1989, during childbirth.
At the time there was very little literature on the subject. I found the book "On Death and Dying" by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, which helped me understand  what had happened when I left my body on the delivery room table.
Now with so many more stories coming to light of the hundreds of thousands of people who are reporting Near Death Experiences (or DNE's, as they have become known within the field of study), I feel as though I can speak out about what exists on the other side of the veil and others will validate my experience.

It is reported that NDE's take 10 to 15 years to fully integrate, and in my case, this was very true, with huge shifts occurring in my relationships and spiritual beliefs. I often felt very alone in my outlook on the world, and trying to describe what had happened to me was almost impossible given the lack of words in our vocabulary to adequately explain the depth of the Love and Compassion that is constantly flowing to us from our Higher Self and the realm of Spirit.

Thankfully, there is now plenty of information available on the web, including filmed testimonies and interviews with people who have been blessed by a Near Death Experience.

I have immersed myself in these stories as they resonate so powerfully with my own experience, and give further validation to the message we receive.

The message, in case you are wondering, is very, very simple. "Love is all there is."

We are here to experience the contrast of life in a physical dimension for the expansion of the Universe and All That Is. Our life here on this beautiful and amazing planet Earth can bring us many lessons.

If you have been struggling to integrate a Near Death Experience, I offer you my support and validation.