"Thank you so much for providing our mid year training...you have been very generous with your time and expertise and it has provided us with great insight."  Margaret Adams, Cancer Support Centre, Sydney Adventist Hospital

"Thank you so much for the time, thought and passion you have given to this course. We will go forward with great tools for healing to be the people we know we can be." 
Frank, Neryl,  Anne,  Rhonda,  Judy and Helen

“ Excellently presented with a sensitive, gentle encouragement to explore the issue of wellness and healing more. Group dynamics were good. I was made to feel special as I hope others did. ”
Gill, Sydney.

.."I have recommended it to a friend and would recommend it to others I intend to attend more meetups in the future and look forward to meeting more 'fellow travellers' It's nice to know there is so much support out there along the healing journey which seems to come from seemingly nowhere right when you need it..." - Branka, Leichhardt.

"Vicki is a wonderful Life Coach. I felt safe and nurtured in her sessions. If you are open to personal growth then I would highly recommend Vicki to help you on your path to the stars."
Romayne, Townsville Qld.

"Thank you so much Vicki for your Prosperity Workshop. I had so much fun and your energy is contagious. I left feeling so positive and blessed about all of the abundance that is in my life and is manifesting in my life. You are beautiful." Karina Stephens, Sydney

"I really enjoyed to meet Vicki on Sunday. I did feel totally in line with her view on alternative healing. Her book list is fantastic and if you are looking for recovery and support it's definitely the group to be in. Vicki has an amazing knowledge and a lot to offer to help you in your journey to recovery."

"Powerful workshop for Abundance. I am convinced I have abundance in every way every day." Romayne